Grant Updates

FEMA Public Assistance Reimbursement

  • CCEMA is collecting resources and updates and posting them here:
  • Additional Resource #9 and #10 are new. #10 is a webinar and PA guide that may be useful to you. We recommend reviewing these.
  • Continue tracking PA costs diligently.
  • Contact our office with questions, and we will direct to MEMA as needed.
  • We are adding a Frequently Asked Questions document on here soon.
  • The Major Disaster Declaration Number for ME is DR-4522 (a change from 3444-EM)

Homeland Security Grant Program FY20

  • Intended projects were due to CCEMA on April 17. We are processing those projects shared with our office.
  • Donna will be contacting all partners that have submitted intended or full projects soon via email, so that you can review other projects and rectify issues with the application if needed.
  • July 10 at 1200 hrs is the deadline for final packages.
  • July 22 at 1000 hrs is the committee meeting for project selection (virtual).

FY20 Emergency Management Performance Grant COVID-19 Supplemental

  • A vendor caught wind of this grant, and sent the notice to Maine Highway Safety, who shared it with all law enforcement partners in the state.
  • CCEMA has requested an update from MEMA on this grant. No information has been provided to this point.
  • MEMA is the State Administering Agency, and the only one that can apply to FEMA for these funds. MEMA will not be notified about the outcome until at least May 8, 2020.
  • We do not know if these funds will be available to county or local entities.
  • There is a 50% cost match for this grant, no flexibility from FEMA.

Community Development Block Grant- Coronavirus

  • The CARES Act appropriated additional funds to Cumberland County for this grant program. CCEMA is coordinating with the Cumberland County CDBG coordinators to share information from an emergency management perspective and collaborate.
  • Link to Application and Information. Application released on 4/24/20 and closes on 5/11/20 at 4pm. Please visit the website link for information on applicant and project eligibility.

Coronavirus Supplemental Funding/BJA Grant

  • An email was sent to Police Chiefs and Local EMA directors an email with all information available on 4/16/20.
  • Department of Public Safety will administer this grant. The audience is Law Enforcement Partners, but extends to Sheriffs, Jails, etc.
  • The grant guidance indicates this is for emergent needs- PPE, Sign Boards, Overtime, etc.
  • We are waiting for more information on this grant, Cumberland County has funds allocated in the announcement, in addition to funds allocated state-wide. Westbrook, Portland, and South Portland all have listed allocations as Metropolitan areas as well.
  • Link to Grant announcement
  • Link to Grant solicitation

Assistance to FireFighters Grant

  • The Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) is available for $35 million in funding for the Fiscal Year 2019 Fire Prevention and Safety Grants, and FEMA will begin accepting FP&S applications at 8 a.m. ET on Monday April 27, 2020. The application period will close at 5 p.m. ET on Friday, May 29, 2020.
  • This grant is administered by FEMA. CCEMA does not play a role in this application process.

Assistance to Firefighters Grant - Supplemental Funding

  • The CARES Act has added $100M of supplemental funding to the AFG Grant.
  • Applications for this grant will start on 4/28/20 at 0800, and close at 5/15/20 at 1700.
  • Link to Notice of Funding Opportunity
  • Link to Flyer